Arrows/WASD to walk/roll (and later, aim your fishing line)

Z/Space to jump (can be pressed repeatedly to help get uphill)

X/Shift to cast (or yank) your fishing line, when you have it


Arrows/WASD can be combined with Z/Space to (slightly) direct your jumps

Arrows/WASD can be combined with X/Shift (after acquiring fishing rod) to:

• aim your fishing line before casting it,

• thrust your hook in directions to pull you towards it, or

• yank larger enemies around!

A fish out of water. Literally.

An injured carp, wronged by a human fisherman, vows to seek revenge on all humans for their fishing ways.

Make your way up on land, struggle to walk; flop over and roll around, and get bumped around by those mean humans. If you can manage it, use your size to your advantage (carp are big), and fling yourself on top of humans to squish 'em!

If you're fortunate enough, find a fishing rod and see if you can fish some of those humans for yourself! Revenge is a dish best served like the fishy depths of the place you used to call home!

...There may be a couple of secret debug features left in--try not to abuse them unless you're really stuck! :D As follows:

<SECRET BUTTON #1 REDACTED> to do a Sonic the Hedgehog-esque 'dash attack' (but this is non-canon, so it will automatically disable your Steam Achievements, kick you off the server, and lock you out of your house IRL).

<SECRET BUTTON #2 REDACTED> to skip to the next level.

<SECRET BUTTON #3 REDACTED> to immediately wipe your save file without asking for confirmation. Don't say I didn't warn you!


Game developed by Kooky, using Construct 2

Artwork drawn by Ammi Howard (BittyBeastie)

Music composed by VidaZen

Sound effects as follows:

Licensed under CC-BY 3.0 (Attribution):

CC0 (Public Domain):

Licensed under CC-BY 3.0 (Attribution); currently unused but in project file:

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