Two cute squares meet for the first time and have a charming, completely uneventful date, while the barman watches.

Will it be true love?

Mouse to click on dialogue choices.
Z/X for actions (Ctrl/Shift/Space can also be used).
Arrows or WASD for movement, including Up/W to interact.

It's a bit like a visual novel (only with pixel art instead of fancy/anime graphics) where you decide the flow of the conversation via multiple dialogue choices. However, the catch is that your date is rather unpredictable, and may not always react as expected...

Made for Weekly Game Jam 88, which had the theme "Crazy Date". I wanted to think of a different title for my game, but I just couldn't think of anything in time that fit better, so that's its name for now.



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Haha that was really funny, I didn't expect this outcome at all :') Really nice camerawork and humor !

Oh wow, thank you very much! That's really good to hear! :D I actually made some changes and additions a while ago that I didn't get around to uploading yet because I was still making adjustments to them, oops!


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