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(WASD or arrows to walk, Space to jump, mouse to look around)

a cat is for life

where do cats... go?

in the spirit of the theme, your cat is one-time use. it does not have nine lives. look after it and treat it well

does this fit with the theme? good question. do YOU fit with the theme? think about that before you wake up in the morning

This is a tale of loss and cats. And lots of cats.
It is a tale of lots of cat tails.
But it is not a tale of loss of cat tails, or a tale of loss of lots of cat tails.
That would be mean.

(Dev note: We were busy with life throughout most of the game jam and almost had nothing to submit, so this was made pretty quickly, and by someone who was pretty much new to using Unreal Engine. Just to let you know!)

(The original idea was something about a platformer cat solving physics-based puzzles in order to progress, but it is currently pretty much just an environment to explore, with some weird physics-defying cats)


IndieValkyrie - Planning, asset acquisition, initial project setup, repository setup
BittyBeastie - Planning, concept art
Kooky - Planning, level design, music

3D art assets used (from Unreal Marketplace):

MultistoryDungeons (the 3D environmental models used to build the level)
LowPoly_Cat (the cat model used in-game)

Music created using cgMusic and Cakewalk by BandLab.
Game created using Unreal Engine.


Good As Mew.zip 214 MB

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