Hold left mouse button to accelerate towards your mouse cursor.

• Eat anything that's green (which means it's smaller than you)

• Avoid anything that's orange (which means it's larger than you)!

• Grey rocks are harmless, but can't be eaten

If the game freezes (oops), you may need to reload the page. Sorry!

Made in 48h (well, since I started around 19.25h late and finished slightly early,  it was technically made in around 28.5h) for the GMTK Game Jam 2021, so there may be bugs and lack of polish!

Possible future improvements:

• Less freezes/crashes

• Less jarring/abrupt blob size changes

• Less instant death, probably

• More balanced gameplay, maybe


Game & Music by Kooky: https://kooky.itch.io

Art by Laura Ward: https://indievalkyrie.itch.io

Tools used:

Construct 2






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