v0.0.5 (16 May 2019):

Made debug cheat only work if in development mode
Made debug mode disable on layout start if not in development mode (so I don't need to remember to manually disable it each time I export)
Fixed player steering speed to be reduced correctly when inside time-slowing circle
Reduced listener Z height from 300 to 100 to make it more noticeable which direction a car's siren is in

and changes included from 0.0.4:

Car collision physics improved a bit, hopefully, maybe
Another, faster, siren sound effect, to add to the excitement of the chase
Tire screech sound effect plays when crashing into moving cars (sound effect to be improved later) - but disabled for now, because it plays too often and needs finetuning
Player car's beep is now slightly randomly-pitched when using secret unlockable ability
Slight rebalancing of some sound effect volumes
Made dialogue box a teensy bit more rounded at its corners
Added a few more wall obstacles in the second half of the map
Added a side road and some cars on it, to drive onto the main road
Parked car AI actors are now able to sense when you're near, so they know when to start driving
Added some more parked car AI actors
Dialogue box displayment is now programmed to be a bit more versatile and can be displayed more easily for things and stuff
Added trustworthy used car salesman
Added Bob
Moved all car behaviours to family behaviours for easier future development
Fixed player's acceleration and deceleration to be fully restored upon game completion, as player's max speed already was
Halved listener Z height from 600 to 300, for now


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May 16, 2019

Get Late for Work

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