The sun has turned evil and must be destroyed! Make use of the time-bending mechanic to avoid being fried to a crisp as you close in on the sun with your attacks.

(If your mini-Earths collect on the sun's surface instead of disappearing, they need to land with a larger impact, so try firing from farther away from the sun. Sorry! I'll try to fix this for after the jam!)

Left mouse button to shoot (consumes fuel, shown at top left). The farther away (from Earth) you click your mouse, the faster the speed your shots are launched at!

Hold right mouse button to move (consumes fuel, shown at top left). The farther away (from Earth) you hold your mouse button, the faster you accelerate, and the faster you consume fuel.

Hold Q to quit to title screen! Faster than reloading the page.

Top bar is your fuel (for firing + moving), bottom bar is sun's HP.

Being near the sun slows down time. Use this to get away! Don't touch the sun, it hurts!

(In Extreme mode, give the middle mouse button a try! And maybe even hold the left mouse button?)

My first ever Construct project, and also my first ever game jam, as well as my first uploaded game anywhere, and first submission on Yay for new first things!

The maximum amount of in-game objects should adjust in response your fps. Let me know if you have any issues with performance, so I can try to improve this.

...It's definitely still glitchy, as well as needing more finetuning, and probably some in-game tips...


DEVELOPMENT: Construct 2

GRAPHICS: Construct 2, Paint.NET, FireAlpaca, Sony Vegas 14

BGM: Caustic 3.2.0

SFX: Bfxr

All assets created using the tools above!

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