You are a master of combat, yet you cannot see.

Main controls: W/Up for forward/attack; S/Down for backward/defend.

(Note: These are just two alternate control schemes, for ease of use. The game still only receives two inputs!)

Explore caves with your timid yet keen-eyed friend who guides you through the darkness on your adventure. Decide which paths the two of you should take together, but be prepared for combat if any nasties should emerge from the darkness (whilst your cowardly companion hides in fear and lets you save him)!

(Prototype created for 8 Bits to Infinity ~ Two Button Jam)

(There may be bugs. If you get completely stuck, hold W & S for ~12 seconds to go back to the last checkpoint!

Also, apologies for any performance problems--but hopefully there won't be any!)


Exploration music seems a bit loud
Exploration music may restart when it shouldn't
Battle music doesn't always start when it should
Some sound effects aren't yet playing when they should, or may play when they shouldn't
Performance could be improved


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Quite confusing. Keymashing during combat ends it very quickly, and the combat music (all 3 songs) started randomly playing (at the same time) ~5 minutes after a fight.

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Yes, you're absolutely right; sadly I didn't manage to get the combat working quite how I had hoped in time, and also managed to introduce that rather unfortunate audio bug at the last minute.

I've made a bunch of changes and fixes now though. Thank you very much for the feedback!


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